The Drug treatments should be legalized Essay Illustration Drugs: Should they be legalized or not? America’s war towards recreational drug treatments is an sort of good reasons gone really wrong. Actually country squanders over fifty bucks billion $ $ $ $ annually for the efforts to prevent illegal drugs, trafficking and even use carry on. It has been said that trying to end drugs is a lot like trying to prevent the storm. Over half of the prisoners for jail exist for drug ‘crimes. ‘ This will cause overcrowding which results in the early let go of dangerous, violent thieves.unemployedprofessors me This establishes more of a general population safety difficulty than may drug make use of. It is unreasonable from a social view plus inhumane to folks who are ski slopes as a felony for life meant for activity a great deal of no harm to others. Individuals who are addicted collect little or no healing help in prisoner of war camp.