Consensual Non-Consent: Just How To Enjoy Rape Your Lover

Today I’m discussing consensual non-consent, for the reason that it’s been approaching a lot in my own relationship of belated. This post will include a lot of trigger terms and some ideas, including rape; really, lots of this; therefore in the event that you’ve had a poor experience, it is apt to be such as a punch into the face. Think twice before clicking; for a few of you it may never be smart. Keep at your own personal danger.

Several hours after composing this post, I’m going become doing a consensual scene that is non-consent. It shall be dark and brutal and daunting. I’m going to work away a violent rape with Blue, my hot as fuck partner, me not to while she protests and begs. She may scream and cry and beg me personally to not do so. In reality, I’ll be very surprised if she does not. I’m planning to work violent and savage as hell – in fact, I’m going to literally hold her at blade point out make her do regardless of the hell i would like.

The ability instability shall be extreme. A sizable well muscled guy using benefit of a lovely petite girl, that has zero opportunity at resisting me personally effectively.