So that you can gain insight that is further the way the intercourse chromosomes work and exactly how they developed.

The Y chromosome is well known to look for the sex that is male. What exactly is less distinguished: often 90 per cent associated with Y chromosome is made of junk DNA that outcompetes practical elements. In his ERC task, biologist Qi Zhou investigates how it survived selection that is natural what effect it might have regarding the genome.

«The XY chromosomes mark the most important differences that are genetic male and female», explains Qi Zhou. «In animals, the Y chromosome determines the male intercourse.» The biologist was – find your russian bride learning intercourse chromosomes their whole job, but you can still find numerous puzzling concerns that modern research cannot provide responses for – at the very least maybe maybe maybe not yet.

Learning fresh fruit flies

Zhou examines Drosophila, better referred to as good fresh fruit flies. Drosophila and people share the XY system, although the Drosophila’s Y chromosome is significantly younger. » Our individual Y chromosome is about 180 million years of age.