Tease Her for Fun. Teasing a female is just a technique that is highly effective specially over text. </p> <p>Whenever learning how exactly to keep a text discussion going, teasing is powerful since it can singlehandedly alter a typical conversation into a chat that is lively. </p> <p>Better yet if you’re able to push her psychological buttons a bit from a distance. </p> <p>As an example, if you’re speaing frankly about travel, ask her what kind of tourist this woman is: “Are you the sort that likes to explore exotic places, or perhaps get drunk such as an 18-year-old in Cuba that is away from your home the very first time? ”</p> <p>Something similar to the instance above is best suited once you’ve founded a lighthearted vibe from the beginning. </p> <p> Include a “; )” wink that she shouldn’t take the comment too seriously if you feel it helps to ensure. </p> <p>Them on their supposed “immaturity” can work when it comes to older women, teasing. </p> <p>It is evident that she’s an older girl with advanced preferences and views. </p> <p>Therefore, being playful about her being immature and naive is very effective whenever you tease her the right means.</p> <p>