Heather will soon be trained to consume shit and piss on the next months that are several.

“But won’t she just become ill and die?” asked on associated with the males smiling.

“No. you see Heather would be given a particular tasteless gruel that contains all the enzymes, antibiotics, and nutrients she has to remain a very good and toilet slave that is healthy. The gruel is going to be ready with shit and piss, needless to say to be able to make certain she never tastes whatever else once again, but she’s going to stay quite healthier for most, several years.” When I ended up being chatting Kwon Loo had revived the lady with smelling salts.

“In reality,” we continued, “Ms. Hartford stored the shit from her hyenas that is all that stays of Heathers boyfriend, and Heather are going to be consuming that shit as well. Ms. Hartford, that is fifty nine incidentally , has suggested in my opinion that when Heather continues to be alive whenever she dies, that Heather would be to have her lips sewn to Ms.