The spouse is obliged to invest upon their family members, upon their spouse and kids, on a reasonable basis, whether or not the spouse is rich

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) stated:

The spouse is obliged to pay, and therefore includes instances when the spouse is just a trained instructor, and has now been stipulated that the husband enable her to keep training. Yet he doesn’t have right to just take any such thing from her income, maybe not half and never pretty much. The wage is hers, such a long time from teaching and he agreed to that as it was stipulated in the marriage contract that he should not prevent her. Therefore he doesn’t have the proper to avoid her from training, in which he won’t have the proper to just just simply take any such thing from her income; it’s hers.

But then when they got married he said: Do not teach, then in this case they should come to an agreement however they wish if it was not stipulated that he allow her to teach. For instance, he could state: i shall enable you to keep on teaching on condition me half of your salary, or two thirds, or three quarters, or one quarter, and the like, according to whatever they agree upon that you give. But then he does not have the right to prevent her and he does not have the right to take anything from her salary if it was stipulated (in the marriage contract) that she may teach, and he accepted that.